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 TIPS how to overcome depression.

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PostSubject: TIPS how to overcome depression.   Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:05 am

TIPS how to overcome depression.

means never ending feeling of sadness and dejection. A depressed
individual needs to throw away that bad mood and a regain control on
his emotions. But depression can be cured. Medication and traditional
methods are effective to treat depression. But sometimes natural steps
are more effective than these traditional methods.

Actually, these natural steps are good life style changes which help to
improve any body's life. Here are some natural and very easy tips to kill depression.

Try any one of these lips and do it for a weak. Add a new one next
week. Try to make them part and parcel of your life. Make them your
routine like reading your newspaper, brushing your teeth and drinking
your cup of tea. Don't bother about them, just do them.

1. Bright light therapy -

Getting up at sunrise and sleeping at sunset helps keep our internal
clock set. The cause behind this is exposure to bright sun light. 30
minutes exposure to sun light per day helps to regulate sleep wake
cycle, which is the major reason of our physical and mental health.

2. Exercise -

Exercise is a proven way to release stress. Now a days people don't do
much physical labor. That's why exercise regime of 30 minutes at least
3 times a week is very essential. Exercise helps to increase blood flow
and metabolism in body which generates energy. Choose your exercise
according to your age and condition.

3. Go shopping -

Buying new and interesting things for yourself will surely make you
happy. Sometimes buying for your loved ones can also help you.

4. Good sleep -

If you are not taking full and sound sleep, you can never have good health.
Try to change your sleep routine. Go to sleep at the same time every
night. If you are not feeling sleepy engage you're self in reading and
don't watch T.V. Never take caffeine after 3pm .Don't do any stressful
activities late night. Relaxed mind is a major need for quality sleep.
Taking a warm bath at night helps to have a good sleep.

5. Increase social connections -

Loving isolation is one of the symptoms of depression. Having more
social connections can protect you from depression. If you are feeling
burdened, can talk to a trusted friend or family member. Don't hesitate
to ask for help. Try to grab the opportunities of fun. Call your
friends to go for a movie, for a cup of coffee or for a dinner. Try to
involve yourself with others; this will diminish your felling of
isolation. Try to do it regularly.

6. Regulate your thinking -

Depression is a vicious cycle to break. Negative thinking is the root
cause of depression. Become aware of those times when these negative
thoughts enter into your mind. Every time tell yourself to 'stop it'.
It will help you to build a positive habit and this positive habit
surely will make your life better.

7. Pray -

Get down on your knees and talk to the almighty. Talk to Him about what
is bothering you. You will feel really relaxed after doing this. Read
******ures like Bible, this will give you hope and a new direction. He
is our maker and can understand us better than anybody else.

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TIPS how to overcome depression.
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