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if im doin something and fall, im not gonna give up, cause its a waste, if you fell you gotta keep going otherwise you feel for no reason.
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 Injury to help you stay on your bike

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PostSubject: Injury to help you stay on your bike   Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:32 am

Now, if you read that far I have a challenge that I bet 50% of you
can't do right now. I'm putting a poll on this JUST to see who can or
can't. So be honest, and click the answer that really is what happens
when you try this.

1st, push back from the computer and stand up.

2nd, move away from the comp. desk to a spot that you have some room to move.

3rd, Bend over with your feet TOGETHER and see if you can touch your finger tips to the ground. DO NOT BOUNCE OF BEND YOUR LEGS!

Ok, if you did If you couldn't, sit down and START reading
the rest of this(it is helpful if you DID do it to still read it)

A few fast TIPS to help everyone. Drink plety of water(mixed like
kool-aid or straight pure water), it flushes the body of germs helping
you stay healthy and it helps your muscles and joints stay in proper
working order.

Get plenty of sleep, 6-8hrs a night is normally perfect for most. Try
to pick a set time to wake up and when to goto bed that allows 6-8hrs
of sleep.


Stage 1:
Basic stretching and warming up.

To be good on your bike, you have to STAY on it. I don't mean
falling...I mean unhurt. And the 1st thing to help you stay injury free
is flexibility.

Think it over, ever fall and twist or pull something?(Don't lie we all have)

Consider this, 10min a day can cut down that ache and pain of an akward fall. And here is why:

Pasta syndrome: My own name, newer riders don't fall well. Some
seasoned guys don't either for that matter. All because as they go
down, they are stiff as uncooked pasta. And we all know you can only
bend or twist uncooked pasta so far before it snaps...YOU WILL SNAP TOO!

Prevention of PS(Pasta syndrome), take a minimum of 10min before a ride
and stretch out. Think of pasta and that stretching is like cooking it.
The more you stretch, the more your joints and muscles can bend. SO,
this makes it harder to snap them(pull, tear, ect). Below is a site I
found with some basic stretches. I'd recommend doing ATLEAST the upper
body(belt/waist and above) ones before every ride.

See how much more pain free after a ride of slam you are in a few
weeks. I'll bet you will start doing more than 10min. Personally, 15min
before and 15mn AFTER a ride(YEP, after helps as much as before) is
almost perfect.

Next, Take hot showers or baths after riding to #1 clean your sticky ass and #2 the heat of the water loosens muscles and joints.

If your sore, take IBUPROFIN(1-2 pills). They have an anti-inflamitory
in them and will ease aches and pain better than 99% of the other
"pain" medications around.

Thats all you need for Stage 1. Simple and easy, and will help you. If
you don't believe it, try it for 4 weeks. If your not happy, then
stop(I doubt you will be unhappy).

Basic stretch link(if you Google "stretching" you may find a better one):

Stage 2:
Strengthing muscle, joints and tendons.

Yep, we are now moving to simple weight traning and cross traning. And
everyone is asking " Why do I wana lift weights or play basketball? I
wana ride my bike!"

Your right, we all do. But to aid your riding, a good non-BMX related workout is a must.

If you wana cross train(sports other than BMX ) to help strengthen muscles, tendons and joints. I offer afew great ideas:

Football- You run, spin, dive...and get tackeled(that helps you learn to take a fall).

Basketball- Alot of running, jumping and side to side movement.
Great for your whole body, builds endurance and also STRETCHES you
out(remember stretching is GOOD).

Soccer- Pretty much like basketball, only more running and less use of the upper body.

MT Bikes- Yes, our hated friends with 2 wheels. But, my 36-13
can only go so fast or climb so well. MTB take it up a level. Go ride
for 1hr 2 days a week. Climb some hills, ride through the woods and
sprint down the street(every ride make sure you use ALL the
gears)...results can be shocking when you get back on your 20inch.

Now, you decide you hate other sports, so bring on the weights(my
favorite too). So, here are the basic exercises that help you out on a
bike...and in general everyday life.

Benchpress- Strengthens the shoulders, chest, arms and back.
Along with ALL the joints around the muscle in the areas I mentioned.
Don't go overboard, light weights will do it too. If you don't have
weights, do push ups(for push ups aim for 25 two times...thats 50), for
the 1st 4 weeks. Do them every 3 days, and after 4 weeks, try to do say
35 at a time. The goal for push ups is 100 to 150 every 3 days.

Now, for weight on a benchpress, use something you can do 15-20 times.
And aim for around 30-40 times per session. Try to add around 5lbs to
the weight you use every 4 weeks.

Shoulder press- The name says it all, shoulders here. If you
don't have weights, I suggest useing GOOGLE to find alternatives(or use
something hevey in a bag...that way tou can lift it OVER your head
safely. Aim for 10-15 times and agian go for a total of 20-30 total
times. Try to increase the weight by 5lbs every 6 weeks. USE caution
with shoulders, they are very easy to hurt with impropper weight
lifting. Agian every 3 days.

Crunches- Stomache time, for this I would try 100 as a goal. And
when you start, just do them till you can't do another. The stomach is
the bodies CORE. The stronger you make it, the easier it is to
hop/spin/ect. Do them every 2 days, they only take a few min.

Squats- Now, this is a killer(or can be), so use your head to
pick weights. Try for 10-20 times with a total of 20-40. Do them ONLY 1
day a week. With riding, you don't need to beat them to death to get
them stronger. Try to add 5lbs every 4 weeks.

That is ALL I feel you need. If you really wanna workout alot to help
with HOW YOU LOOK and RIDE. PM me, I'll help you cutom make a work out
that fits what you wanna do. Believe me, this will hit ALL the major
joints and muscles of your body. The stronger they are, the less prone
to getting hurt they are.

Stage 3

This is the bitch of the 3 stages. Not because it is really hard, but
it is 90% brain, and 10% body. Confused yet? Read on and it will all
make sense.

Ever notice most racers never really get hurt often? Sure, some
do...but for the most part street, dirt and park guys get hurt the
most. Ever wonder why?

They don't fall alot, I'll say that. But that isn't why. Most racers
train with EVERYTHING I said above(thats the 10%...the physical part).
But they ALSO include a diet that is close to a pro body builder.

Insane...yes, hard...yes...useful...HELL YES!

I eat cake and candy, cookies and all that stuff. Most racers only do
that 1-2 days a week. Why? All that sugar doesn't help anything but
gain weight. And weight without muscle and skill, mean you loose.

So, here is a basic(if you can force yoursel to do it), guide of how to eat.

Things to eat(meat):
Deer(if you like that stuff )

ANYTHING green...
Sweet Potates (yams)

ANY...wheat is best

Last, what to drink:
Water-a gallon a day is GREAT(try to drink half a gallon)
Sugar free Kool-Aid
Green tea

Fig Newtons

Now, you wanna know how that helps. Well here is a basic meal plan for
a single day(drinks included). At the end, I'll explain how it all

1 Apple
1 cup Oatmeal(1tea spoon of sugar)
2-3 slices of bread
1 glass of Orange juice

1 Orange
1 cup pasta(or potatoe)
1 1/2lb meat(some listed above)
1 glass of tea(or milk)

1/2 pound of meat(see above examples)
1 Potatoe(or pasta...whatever you DID NOT have at lunch)
1 cup Veggies
2-3 slices of bread
1 glass tea(or milk)

1-3 Snacks-
Piece of fruit

Now, How this all works. Meat adds protein and some fat. You need both
to build muscle and repair the body from a day of exercise(riding or
any other kind). Potatoes and pasta, are carbohydrates that are used to
fuel the body. Without them, the body will burn muscle...thats not a
good thing. Fruits and Veggies are simple carbohydrates, and aid the
fueling of the body. Bread is a complex carbohydrate that takes longer
to burn than pasta, potatoes and veggies. They are eaten in the morning
and at night to help the body have fuel till the next meal.

The tea(my personal fav) has antioxidents that keep you heathy and fight common colds and flu better.

Snacks are just a filler(with out a ton of sugar) till the next meal.

So, what is missing? Candy, cake, cookies...all that. Why? It doesn't
help the body do anything, except get fat. So, why eat it(I agree it
tastes good), but other than give you a buzz for 20min then you feel
tired. It don't help you at all. Try to avoid this type stuff except
1-2 days a week(if you can avoid it 100% even better).

So, thats all boys and girls. Like I said stage 3 is not needed, but will help.

Stage 1 is about what most need. Stage 2 will help 50% more than 1. And
Stage 3 will make you a lean mean muscle machine(if you do 1 & 2
with it).

If you want a personal routine, feel free to PM me. I hope this gets
stickied seeing alot of NEW riders have no idea about how much the
little stuff I touched on help them ride better. And alot of
experienced riders can ride better longer, if they do them as well.

Thats ALL from me for tips. Hope it helps at least 1 of you.
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Injury to help you stay on your bike
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